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You can Speed Up Your Website with our WordPress speed optimization service. Best services for Page Speed Optimization with work for important factors.

There are numerous factors that can slow down a website, but one thing is for sure: the slower the website, the more traffic it will lose. This is not simply our view; it’s also a factor in how search engines choose which websites to direct users to. If your website is slow, Google will hunt for faster websites that have comparable material and will direct potential users to other websites instead. Additionally, even if there are no rival businesses, you still face the danger of having visitors decide they don’t want to wait and leave. We’ll work to identify the areas where we can have the biggest influence out of the various components that make a speed-up in the site.

We tackle load time optimization using a tried-and-true, process-driven methodology. In order to increase speed and effectiveness, we also tidy up the CSS and HTML code. Our services include faster loading times for individual pages, improved site content management, routine site maintenance, and backups.

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

We also perform image optimization and examine any embedded images on your website. We examine file size and webpage caching, and we correct any issues we discover. We understand the elements that affect your site’s search engine optimization as an internet marketing business providing.

Page Speed Optimization Required Field

If your website page loading time going slow or looking for experts that help your site speed to the next level, our WordPress speed optimization service works for that. Our WordPress experts audit your website and make a plan for optimizing the various aspects that affect speed.

We’ll set up and install the top caching plugin available. The plugin will take care of your website’s caching, HTML, CSS, and JS minification, as well as the slow loading of your images, greatly accelerating the loading time of your WordPress website.

Optimize Database
Response times can be sped up by maintaining a lean and mean database. Databases may swell with extraneous stuff over time. All out-of-date remarks, garbage, previous edits, and other extraneous material can be removed.

Image optimization
We are all aware of how much of a speed drain photos can be on your website. We’ll reduce the size of your photographs using an image compression plugin, which will speed up your page load time.

Bad Requests
You should remove or correct any content from your website that has been transferred or is no longer there. Visitors who click on links that are broken will be delayed because the resources will return a 404 not found message.

Upgrade PHP
Your website may be slower than it should be if it is using an outdated version of PHP, such as PHP 5. We can ensure that your website is still operating properly by upgrading the PHP version to the most recent available.

Why Need To Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

A slow-loading website harms your business in numerous ways, including invisible search engine rankings, low conversion rates, and user annoyance. Here is what occurs when the speed switch is flipped from sluggish to lightning-fast.

Decreased bounce rate

The ability to wait for your website to load is something your audience lacks. Visitors will quickly leave your website for a rival’s if it takes more than a few seconds to load. Your bounce rate is directly decreased by a quick-loading page. As soon as the page load time exceeds three seconds, 75% of users will abandon the page.

Better UX & Rankings

A quicker website contributes to a more seamless user experience (UX). Additionally, Google search on desktop and mobile devices uses speed as a ranking consideration. Therefore, your website will rank higher the quicker it loads. Additionally, you receive more organic traffic and leads the higher it ranks. When a website takes more than four seconds to load, 46% of users don’t return.

Higher Conversion Rate

The speed with a higher conversion rate sells. More visitors will come and remain on your website, read your high-quality content, and respond to your calls to action if you have a lower bounce rate and a wonderful user experience. The average conversion rate decline for each extra second of load time is 4.42%.

Key Factors for WordPress Speed Up

The speed of your website is influenced by thousands of variables. Here are some of the main elements that influence your website’s performance while we examine and optimize every speed-related part of your website and make every effort to achieve top speeds.


One of the best ways to increase WordPress speed is through caching. By delivering cached versions of the requested content rather than displaying it repeatedly in response to each user request that pings the server, caching is a strategy to use fewer server resources and speed up response times. We set up and put into place extensive server-side caching, database, object, page, and browser caching to ensure that the material on your busy website loads as quickly and effectively as feasible.

CDN Setup
A Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is an extension of cache optimization, can significantly lessen the load on your website by outsourcing the delivery of photos, JavaScript, CSS, and other items. A network of servers hosting cached versions of your pages makes up CDNs. Based on their location, visitors who request this information are routed to the nearest server inside this network. This results in a quick and significant improvement in performance. We assist you in configuring and implementing your preferred CDN for blazingly quick global load times.

Image Optimization
One of the main causes of slow load times is images. Particularly large, high-resolution photos take forever to load. In actuality, photos account for an average weight of 34% of a webpage. We thoughtfully integrate picture optimization across your website, which includes slow loading when appropriate, lossless compression, optimal image format selection, determining the ideal proportions for various platforms, and more.

Code Minification
By reducing the size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript resources, you can decrease the amount of data that visitors’ browsers must download. Minification is the process of deleting unused characters from source code, such as comments and whitespace. Reduce page load time significantly by hastening the downloading, parsing, and execution of pages with lightweight and compact code. We minify the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML code on your website to improve compression, decrease network latency, and result in fewer HTML requests. This improves page speed and results in better results on speed testing tools.

Database Cleanup
Within a single database, the WordPress CMS holds posts, comments, pages, plugins, themes, and other types of text-based and encrypted metadata. Over time, this database fills up far too much with useless information, including post revisions and junk data. By cleaning out congested databases, database fine-tuning reduces their size and makes it simpler for your hosting servers to efficiently fetch requested content. We examine your database, find unnecessary data, and make adjustments to make queries run more quickly.

Server Optimization
For your enterprise website, an unoptimized server hosting hundreds or even thousands of websites on a single server stack is not suitable. For smaller websites, the usual shared hosting configurations are fine, but not for larger enterprise websites. We set up your server to manage the load more effectively and reduce the server response time using SQL server tuning, compression, caching, and other methods. To better handle your traffic and prevent server failures, we may use many dedicated servers or recommend an appropriate WordPress server configuration.

Mobile Experience Optimization
Your mobile visitors likely make up more than half of all visitors. And when a website takes longer than three seconds to load, 53% of mobile users quit. Additionally, Google now uses the mobile version of your WordPress website to decide your rankings thanks to mobile-first indexing. Speed is one of the most crucial aspects to concentrate on when it comes to mobile-first site optimization because it influences everything from conversions and customer retention to usability and bounce rates. We take care of the full optimization of the WordPress mobile experience, which encompasses not only increasing page load speed but also enhancing navigation and design.

Inline Critical CSS
In order to improve website load times, CSS resource delivery must be optimized. Making your CSS resources non-render blocking will enable the browser to read the CSS concurrently with the HTML and speed up the interaction process. We determine which styles are necessary to render content above the fold and supply those styles together with the HTML. We significantly decrease the perceived load time by integrating the essential CSS inline.

Time to First Byte (TTFB) is a measurement of how long it takes for the user’s browser to receive the first byte of webpage data. Since TTFB is one of Google’s Core Web Vitals, research shows that Google favors websites with low TTFB timing and gives them a higher position. For the best possible UX and rankings, we apply a variety of different strategies in addition to caching and CDN optimization to reduce network latency and lower your TTFB to under 100 ms.

Ads/Third-Party Scripts Optimization
The presence of third-party tags and analytics on a website might overburden the network and increase interaction latency. Sometimes these third-party scripts can take priority over first-party ones and use more bandwidth on the main thread, delaying the time it takes for a page to be available for interaction. We employ strategies to prioritize loading the content that benefits your visitors the most initially. Incorporating on-demand loading of third-party advertisements enables below-the-fold advertisements to load only as they are scrolled closer to the viewport.

Features of Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Regardless of the size and complexity of your website, we have a set process to guarantee effective WordPress performance optimization.

Consulting: Your performance goals will be understood and evaluated by our team of professionals. We’ll assist you in better understanding the rationale and methodology behind WordPress performance improvement.

Audit: Once we are aware of your optimization needs, we will thoroughly examine your website and do the following audits. Code and plugins for the theme and current site performance

UI & UX: Device and Cross-Browser Testing. Implementing SEO Security Ads, Server Set-Up, and CDN. We then create a plan that takes into account the current features, content, goals, spending limit, and schedule of your site.

Initiation: To make the action plan flawless, we’ll collaborate with you. After you approve the strategy, we will fully back up your data before beginning the performance improvement procedure.

Delivery:We take great satisfaction in being WordPress experts, and we make sure your optimized WordPress website meets or surpasses all of your requirements by conducting thorough testing.

Support: Our relationship continues even after WordPress website speed optimization is successful. To guarantee that your website maintains performance benchmarks and functions properly moving forward, we will be in charge of maintaining it and providing advanced advice.

Why Choose Solaiman Hossein as a WordPress Speed Optimization Service provider?

We have been working on WordPress-related projects for well over a decade. Numerous large-scale and intricate WordPress deployments are entrusted to us by hundreds of international enterprise brands, agencies, and organizations like Accenture and Storyful.

Our technical proficiency in WordPress optimization is complemented by keen attention to user requirements. As your partner in WordPress performance optimization, let our professionals handle your website speed to give you some piece of mind.

Benefits of using WordPress Speed Optimization Services for your website

Your WordPress website’s speed and functionality can be enhanced with the use of WordPress speed optimization services. Some advantages of adopting WordPress speed optimization services are listed below:

  • To speed up your WordPress website’s load time. Because a speedier website can result in a better user experience and higher conversion rates, this is crucial.
  • Help enhance the navigation of your website to make it simpler for users to find what they’re looking for. 
  • To speed up the execution of your WordPress code. This may result in increased performance and less server resource consumption.
  • to increase the security of your website. This will defend your website from online dangers like hackers.


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